Introducing Newsio for Desktop

Today we’re excited to announce the release of our desktop app, so you can stay in touch with your team from whatever device you like. The desktop app is the exact same experience as in your browser, so you can switch between the two with ease. But the new app does have a few tricks […]

6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Internal Communication

Effective internal communication is a cornerstone of every company. There can be entire departments devoted to overseeing and enabling internal communications and with technology developing at a fast pace, there are also more ways than ever to carry out the communications. We’re all used to face-to-face meetings, phone calls and emails, but communications have come a […]

[Feature Release] File Upload and a New Notification System

We are constantly looking for ways to make our platform more efficient and user-friendly, so we’ve made some changes to the hub that will make it simpler to use. Share Your Own Files You can now upload and share different kinds of content on the hub. Whether it’s a PDF, a Word document, or an […]

An Interview with Frank Litjens

Frank Litjens is the Head of Digital at ID&T, one of the biggest dance event organizations in the world and a Newsio client. Litjens is by all accounts an impressive figure when it comes to digital developments and data operations. Newsio was lucky enough to sit down with him and gain an insight into his […]

Branding and Brand Ambassadors: What Are They?

Branding is a term that’s used a lot in marketing nowadays, but the truth is that not everyone knows exactly what it is. In fact, sometimes even experts use the term incorrectly, but make no mistake: branding is an essential part of most modern day marketing strategies. What Is a Brand? Basically, your brand is […]

Employee Engagement And Advocacy

Employee engagement and employee advocacy are buzzwords that get thrown around a lot these days. You may be wondering what they mean and what the difference between employee engagement and advocacy is. Of course, engagement and advocacy are two very different words, but when used so often together and in similar context, it’s easy to […]

How to Successfully Implement an Employee Advocacy Program

Employee engagement and employee advocacy. These buzzwords seem to be coming at you from every direction these days, and you can’t help but think that maybe you should look into implementing an employee advocacy program in your company. You might still be asking yourself whether an employee advocacy program is the right thing for your company, or […]

Employee Advocacy: What You Need to Know

Employee advocacy is still a fairly new phenomenon and although the market is quickly catching up with its importance, plenty of people are still not sure what it is. That’s understandable. However, because we believe employee advocacy is one of the most important marketing strategies to have developed in recent years, we want everyone to […]