6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Internal Communication

Effective internal communication is a cornerstone of every company. There can be entire departments devoted to overseeing and enabling internal communications and with technology developing at a fast pace, there are also more ways than ever to carry out the communications.

We’re all used to face-to-face meetings, phone calls and emails, but communications have come a long way and you need to make sure you’re not being left behind. The fact is that the more effort a company puts into their internal communication system, the more effective their workforce becomes. Here are 6 reasons why it’s so important to have a fast, effective, and easy internal communications platform:

1. Your employees are wasting time, every single day.

A recent study looked into what were the main time-wasters during any given workday. It found that, on average, people spend  74 minutes each day trying to contact colleagues or customers. Furthermore, employees spend 67 minutes trying to find key information, and 39 minutes duplicating communications every single day. All in all, that’s a whopping 3 hours spent every day on tasks that do not directly benefit the company.

2. When you enable effective internal communications, you see immediate results.

The same survey also found that by implementing the right communication platform, up to 75% of the wasted time could be saved. So by implementing an effective internal communications platform, you could save your staff nearly 2,5 hours every single day. If you’re wondering whether it’s worth going through the trouble of implementing the right communications platform, the answer is yes: for every worker whose unproductive time you reduce by just 25% a day, you gain up to 6 weeks of productivity every year!

3. Cross departmental communication results in stronger ties.

When employees are able to communicate more, across different departments even, they feel more connected and able to see their work as a part of a larger picture. They’re also likelier to feel more engaged and happy in their work, and happy employees are 12% more productive.

4. You reach everyone.

Having documented communication that’s accessible to everyone eliminates the chance of missing out on an important input. When you face a problem at work, you might ask your colleagues for help. But which colleagues? And where do you reach them? By the water cooler or over lunch? Talking it through with some of your colleagues might help you sort out your problem, but if you rely on just those around you at a given moment, you are missing out on your greater network of colleagues. If you instead post your problem on your company’s social sharing platform, you are more likely to reach everyone at the company; thus more likely to reach someone who has faced the same problem before, and solved it!

5. People are really creative.

When they’re not solving their own problems, that is. A study showed that people are actually more creative when coming up with solutions for others, rather than themselves. So when you ask your co-workers to help you solve a problem, they’re likely to approach it creatively and come up with a better solution than you might be able to.

6. Eliminate hierarchy that can block communication.

With the right internal communication platform, you can eliminate boundaries between employees and managers. Many employees will feel less intimidated (and thus more likely to speak out) when the communication takes place on a seemingly more informal platform such as a chatroom, rather than in a physical meeting room. This can be beneficial as it allows everyone to pitch their ideas, often leading to solutions coming from otherwise unlikely places.

The Newsio social sharing platform makes it super easy for your team to share information and keep up a dialogue. If you want to know how we can take your team’s communication and engagement on to another level, get in touch: we’d be happy to show you just how easy it is!