[Feature Release] File Upload and a New Notification System

We are constantly looking for ways to make our platform more efficient and user-friendly, so we’ve made some changes to the hub that will make it simpler to use.

Share Your Own Files

You can now upload and share different kinds of content on the hub. Whether it’s a PDF, a Word document, or an image, you can share files up to 8MB onto the hub and generate links to the file. The files will be shown on the hub as all other posts with the option of an overlay when you share it on social media.

Better, Faster, Stronger Notifications

Newsio has a new notification system allowing users to control what they get notified for and how.

We have also made some improvements to our notification system which we believe will make it even easier to follow the interaction your content is getting.

These changes include:

In-App Notifications: When you have more than one notification, you can now click on the notification bar and it will show you a list of all the notifications. You can then view each notification individually without the list changing, until you’ve examined each notification. We have also started grouping notifications together so you don’t get bombarded with things to check if everyone likes your post!

Complete Control: Want an email when somebody comments on your post, but not when they like it? Newsio now gives you the settings to decide what you get notified about and how you get notified.

Channel Hints: In addition to this, users will no longer have to skim through all the channels to look for new content. Instead, channels will be highlighted as soon as new content is added. This should increase efficiency and make it easier for users to directly access new content.

User Tagging

Mention your colleagues with Newsio's powerful tagging tool and power up your company's internal communication.

In order to better enable internal communication, users can now be tagged in comments by simply using the @ sign before a user’s name. This way users can easily create a dialogue in the relevant space and users that are tagged will receive a notification, making it easy to quickly engage in the dialogue.

Admin Settings

Lastly, we’ve made some adjustments to the user management feature. The updated version gives the management a quick overlook of all the individual users in the hub and what their permission level is. The new feature also enables them to change and adjust each user’s permission level.

We want it to be easy to have access to the relevant information at all times and for employees to communicate amongst themselves, and we’re hoping these updates will accommodate just that.


Still haven’t tried Newsio? Get in touch and we’ll show you how the new features (and the old ones) can make your work place better!